Public Law

  • Administrative Litigation and Arbitration
  • Energy, Water and Waste Management
  • Legal advice to Central and Local Public Entities
  • Public finances (Central, Regional and Local)
  • Projects

Administrative Law and Public Procurement

  • Administrative procedure
  • Administrative litigation
  • Public procurement
  • Energy, Water and Waste Management
  • Legal advice to Central and Local Entities

Real Estate, Urban Law and Environment

  • Municipal, environmental and commercial licensing
  • Negotiation and conclusion of real estate contracts (purchase and sale, lease, agreements for the exploration of shops in shopping centers and constitution of other property rights over real estate, etc.)
  • Works contracts – assistance with drafting and execution
  • Regularisation of real estate registration issues
  • Projects or facilities in the water, waste management and energy sectors
  • Legal support for collection, treatment and recovery of waste activities
  • Providing assistance with environmental control procedures and framework

Labour Law

  • Employment relations – employment contract and termination of labour relations
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Labour litigation
  • Disciplinary procedure and challenge of employment termination
  • Social Responsibility Audits
  • Social security

Commercial, Corporate and M & A

  • Structuring, setting up and monitoring business projects
  • Commercial contracts
  • Corporate litigation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Financial and Governance / Banking and Finance

  • Banking Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Advice to institutional investors

Restructuring and Insolvency

  • Insolvency and Special Revitalisation Plan (PER)
  • Recovery and Claim of Credits
  • Criminal Responsibility of Directors
  • Advice to Creditors

Tax Law

  • Tax litigation
  • National taxation
  • Tax Benefits
  • Rates, local taxation
  • Non-usual residents
  • Tax optimisation of activities of national and international economic groups

Criminal, Administrative offences and Compliance

  • Criminal Litigation
  • Administrative offences
  • Other sanctioning proceedings
  • Risk Prevention regarding unlawful practices in businesses and other complex organisations, including taxation, banking, securities, data protection, competition or, in general, economic activities
  • Economic and financial offences (white collar crimes)

European and Competition

  • European Union litigation
  • Aid, projects and advice on applications

Intellectual Property, Industrial and IT

  • Copyright and Related Rights
  • Industrial Property
  • Information Technologies
  • Patent and trademark litigation

Privacy and Data Protection

  • Advice with processing operations and exercise of rights of holders
  • Preparation of data processing contractual clauses
  • Advice on impact assessment of treatment operations
  • Representation before supervisory authorities

Arbitration and Mediation

Civil litigation

  • Pre-litigation advice
  • Urgent action – injunctions / protective measures
  • Parental responsibilities
  • Succession Law

Nationality and Residence

  • Nationality Processes – By origin and Acquisition
  • Residence permit for investment (Golden Visa)
  • Residence permit for independent and dependent activity